Delegate Seamlessly

Tired of nagging your coworkers about work you're waiting on?
Chaser is designed for people who want to stay organized, but don't want to burden their team with another tool.

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Loved by high performing teams around the world...

End-to-end task management. Entirely within Slack.

Reminder within Slack
Stop Being a Glorified Babysitter

Smart, Automatic Follow Ups

Tired of nagging your coworkers about work you're waiting on? Let Chaser follow up on your behalf.

Your colleagues will thank you for making their lives easier.

Request a volunteer for a task
Avoid Being Bossy

Request a Volunteer

Post a task and let someone volunteer to own it.

Chaser will monitor progress, send reminders, and always keep you in the loop!

personal command center

Live Dashboard Embedded in Slack

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Everything In One Place

Everything you're waiting on.
Everything assigned to you.
All in one place.

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Watch As Things Get Done

Watch Chaser in action.
Track progress while Chaser makes sure things get done.

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Sorted By Urgency

Tasks due soon are always at the top.

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Use filters to see what you're waiting on and what's been assigned to you.

Dashboard within Slack

What users are saying

Irene K.
Product Manager
It took 2 years to get my team to adopt Asana, and even then they’d keep reverting back to Slack. Switching to Chaser finally broke this cycle.
Aug 2023
Aaron P.
VP Engineering
When I put something into Chaser it feels like a mental handoff.
Nov 2023
Jason M.
Team Lead
Chaser is the first tool that has stuck with my team. I’m not sure they even realize it's a project management tool.
Oct 2023
Alexis P.
Using Chaser with new people requires no training. I just send tasks to anyone without a second thought.
Sep 2023
Erin S.
Product Manager
I used to spend half my day following up with coworkers.. and I felt like I was annoying everyone. Seriously god bless Chaser for taking this off my plate.
Sep 2023
Arthur F.
Team Lead
Managing teams remotely can be a struggle when no one really uses project management tools correctly. A solution within Slack was just what we needed.
Nov 2023
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Supercharge your teamwork.

Unlimited tasks. Unlimited collaborators. No credit card.
Stop burdening your team with tools that just add work. Get the solution that works with a single click right in Slack.

Free seats for your coworkers.
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    Create up to 2 Tasks Per Day
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    Works Completely In Slack
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    Automatic Smart Reminders
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    Dashboard Embedded Into Slack
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    Manage Group Work In Channels
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    Volunteer Requests
Super Delegator
Seamlessly delegate to anyone on Slack.
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    Create Unlimited Tasks
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    All Free Plan Features
  3. Price Per Delegator
    1 - 9:  
    10 - 49:  $18/month
    50 - 100:   $14/month

    Unlimited free seats for everyone else.
Supercharge your organization.
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    Bulk Pricing (100+ seats)
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    Implementation Support
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    Analytics & Reporting

Need IT approval?
No problem.

Most admins approve Chaser without hesitation. We are a Slack-approved app and our services are hosted on a SOC 2 compliant provider.

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